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  • How to economize on your heating and cooling bills

    Do you want to save money on your heating and cooling bills? Here are some tips on how to economize. Make sure you’re using your heating and cooling equipment correctly. If you’re not using your heating and cooling equipment correctly, then you’re wasting both money and energy. Here are a few tips on how to […]

  • Biomimicry in solar technology: How it works and how you can apply it

    Thanks to biomimicry, solar energy is becoming a more practical option for renewable sources. In this article, we will explore some of the techniques used in solar technology to gain an understanding of how it works. By understanding how solar works, you can apply it to your own life in a more sustainable way. What […]

  • The Surprising Health Benefits of Swimming in Chemicals

    Swimming in contaminated water may not be as bad for you as you think. New research suggests that swimming in chemicals may have some surprising health benefits, including lower levels of harmful toxins in your blood and a decreased likelihood of developing cancer. Swimmers who swim in contaminated water are less likely to develop cancer […]

  • How to Hack the Brain Waves of Someone Else

    If you’re Interested in Learning How to Hack Brain Waves, Read on… The Basics of Brainwave Hacking When it comes to brain waves, there are a few main things to understand. First of all, brain waves are simply signals that the brain sends out through the body. They’re like trains in a railroad track – […]

  • „How Bionics Can Help You Avoid Appearance Imperfections“

    Bionics offer a way for people to avoid surgery in order to get perfect looking skin or bodies- without having to go through a long and potentially painful process. Bionics are devices that are attached to the body, usually with wires running between them, and can be replaced if they malfunction. They have many different […]

  • The Mechanics Of Blood Flow In Biological Tissues

    Understanding the mechanics of blood flow can help you to better understand how diseases develop and be treated. By understanding the basics of blood flow, you can learn about how arteries and veins supply blood to different parts of the body, and how pressure and movement affect blood flow. The importance of blood flow in […]

  • Biomimicry leads to materials with new properties

    Scientists have long been fascinated by the way natural systems, like biological tissues, use physical properties to achieve biological goals, like healing. Biomimicry is a technique that uses the principles of natural systems to create artificial systems with new properties. One example is the use of materials that mimic the properties of biological tissues. The […]

  • Biomimicry leads to new, more effective vaccinations

    Just in time for the start of school, new, more effective vaccines are hitting the market. Biomimicry, a process of taking inspiration from nature, has led to these developments. Biomimicry leads to new, more effective vaccinations. Vaccines have been around for centuries, but they have improved greatly in the last several decades thanks to biomimicry. […]

  • The best ways to use biomimicry to rehab your body

    Looking to use biomimicry to improve your health and wellbeing? Check out these six methods of biomimicry to help you get started! Introduction to biomimicry Nature has been using biomimicry for millennia to improve the design and function of their organisms. Biomimicry is the use of nature’s designs, systems, and processes to solve human problems. […]

  • 7 surprising ways biomimicry is enhancing human health

    7 Surprising Ways biomimicry is Enhancing Human Health biomimicry is helping us to develop new medical treatments that are more effective and less invasive Medical treatments have been greatly improved by the use of biomimicry. By studying the way nature heals, researchers have been able to create treatment methods that are more effective and less […]